Dock Reservation & Rental Contract Form



 Certain Minimum Rates Apply Depending on Size and Location of Dock

A $250.00 Dock Reservation Deposit is required with this Dock Reservation and Rental Contract for 2018, with the balance of the Dock Rental Fee due within 30 days of the spring billing. 

Dock rental is available to full members only. Slip assignments will be based on the boats length, beam, draft and mast height with consideration being given for seniority. A dock reservation applies for the season (May through October) and entitles you to occupy a designated slip and to park one automobile in a designated area.

I affirm that I am a full member in good standing of Tuscarora Yacht Club, Inc., that I am the owner of the vessel for which dockage is reserved, that I have adequate marine and liability insurance to protect me, my vessel and Tuscarora Yacht Club, Inc. from any loss or damage that may be sustained as a result of my use and or of the vessel and the designated slip. I further certify the information supplied below is accurate and correct.

If my cradle, boat or mast is moved by the Tuscarora Yacht Club I will hold the Tuscarora Yacht Club, Board Members and Members of the Tuscarora Yacht Club moving the cradle, boat or mast, harmless for any damage that may occur during said movement.

In order to update our records, please make sure the information about you and the boat are complete including the information regarding insurance on your boat.

You Must still fill-in ALL blank fields

Business Phone Number
Length (Ft & In)
Slip Number

By initialing the box below and clicking "Submit" I certify that I am the owner of the above boat and I understand the dock deposit and dockage fees are non-refundable.